Thursday, September 22, 2011

Addicted to CardMaking-Using up Scraps-Card #1

When the kiddos went back to school I decided to start cleaning and getting rid of excess!  I did this with my craft stuff too!  It was very hard, trust me.  I am a paper hoarder/collector.  I decided to only use scraps for projects.  I first took all of my scraps of patterned paper  and cut them into nice, neat quadrilaterals (fancy way to say four sides!).  If the paper was big enough to make 6 x 6 pieces, I did that first.  Reasoning behind that… I figured they were the right size to put on a Cricut mat.  After I went to all that trouble, I decided that I was going to use only my scraps.  Yes, that's right!  I am only allowing myself to use scraps until they are gone or until the first of the year.  This is my plan!!!  The other benefit to doing this is I will not be creating any new scraps.  You may be asking yourself, “how does she plan on scrapbooking?”  Well, I did cut myself some slack!  If I am making a layout (mine are always 12 x 12) I can use new paper.  All of the die-cuts are made from scraps.  So, my first challenge was to create cards for the Addicted to Card Making swap.  I usually make 12 (I keep 2 for myself) identical cards.  So, I had to make cards out of different papers in order to use up my scraps!  Let me tell you, if you are looking for a challenge, challenge yourself to do this for a while!  It really makes you look at paper in a different way and match paper together that you would have otherwise never done! 

Here are the cards for September.  The theme is Monochromatic...


I love this stamp from Stampin’ Up! Full of Life set! 


Here are some of the other cards I made with the same “recipe” but with different papers…


Also!  My husband got a new camera so I am having a blast with “posing” my craft projects!

Be Inspired and God Bless!

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